Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My hearts bleeding out, desperately fleeing south
into the pits of the devil’s acidic mouth.
Blatantly your sins laid out in front of you,
bitch you’ve been trapped, now what should you do?
Scream all you want no one will hear your cries,
because once the devil’s got you you can kiss it all goodbye.
Teen pregnancies, gangbangs and rape crimes,
blown out the water as the corruption climbs,
mouth and eyes sewn shut so were nothing but mimes.
The hour glass is fucking flipped, you’ve been wasting your time.
What can you do now? Cover your eyes, run away and try to hide,
push it all aside and hide behind more lies?
You need a quick fix, go ahead, take another sip
and while youre slippin' slit your wrists.
i'll watch the blood flow out and fill that ditch
that i dug for you, pulled out all your hopes and dreams, its true,
filled it up with death and screams.
all you know is how to get fucked up,
to run your mouth and then get cut up, won't shut up,
spilling this bullshit from your mouth,
but when that jaw breaks the truth's gonna come out.
god damn it i can hear it, you can see that i feel it,
that when she screams my imagination runs wild,
the innocence in her eyes is that of a childs;
and the bloodlust that fills my eyes
is expressed through her screaming until it dies,
and all that remains after this hellish demise
is a bloodless corpse and a note left aside,
life is but a bitter sweet procrastination to your inevitable annihilation,
an assassination due to the truth’s constant fabrication,
he was so slowly possessed by Satan.
he stands in front of a jury of fallen angels,
piercing eyes and the black wings that betrayal gave them,
he pleads his case but he isn’t able to convince to them that his mind is stable.
they look at him with sick, twisted grins and their ominous words soon begin,
they scream you liar, liar. your fucking house is on fire.
this glass tastes bloody, so how ‘bout you chew it louder. coward!
turned to violence for power when he couldn’t
run away from his problems that towered,
you can’t redeem yourself from this situation,
nothing you do can vindicate this,
you’ve been swallowed into the world of homicide,
trapped due to this heinous acted crime,
shut the fuck up, it’s not fine, you have to face it,
stop running away and accept that you can’t change this,
you took your wrath and selfishly misplaced it.


  1. wow, this is amazing. its so hateful and ominous. and honestly, just perfect.