Thursday, February 11, 2010

have you ever been afraid of yourself? afraid to be alone with yourself, afraid to think, to speak, to be locked inside of your mind because you dont know what may lurk inside your thoughts? i have. im the only person who truly frightens myself. your own self is always going to be your greatest enemy, you can lead to your greatest downfall. im scared to be left alone, to feel alone, because then i think. when i think, its dangerous. when i think i slip into this downward slope. sometimes my mind is so dark i dont know how to find my way out, find my way towards the light. the walls of my head drip with tar, rusty, jagged points protrude from their depths and slimy, thick vines race along the edges. my mind is tattered and worn, and everyday it wears thinner. who knows what will happen when i reach the end of my road, who knows who will be there waiting, im ready for the ride though, and anything that comes my way.

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