Tuesday, February 9, 2010

can you see it? how each day is a blessing in disguise, how each simple word, each of the smallest actions can create the largest impact. a domino effect, a chain reaction. you have so much more power in this world than you allow yourself to see. you can choose to go down a path of compassion or travel down a road of violence, permanantly searching for redemption. ive seen both sides of the mirror, peered through the looking glass and fell out into the other side. ive visited both sides of the ying yang, ive embraced both good and evil. there was a time where i was an angel amongst heaven, and a time where i fell from my grace and my wings withered away. now i struggle, i struggle to sew my wings back on and fly. i lost myself, let myself drown in pressure and deciet. i allowed my heart to be swallowed whole by lies and broken trust, let my hope be dragged through rubbish and tarnished to the point of no return. when i fell, i fell hard. i pulled myself in, vacum tight, and refused to let myself out no matter how hard i screamed inside. the stress built up until it reached the point where it overflowed, waves that overwhelmed me. i let my mind grow black and anger consume me. eventually i pulled myself out, with the hands of others who wouldnt let go, and i found myself again. i walked inside of myself and found the real me, cradled in a dark corner, tears in her eyes but strength in her smile. i took her hand and led her out of the maze that was my insanity, and allowed the sun to kiss her face at last. all of my conviction, all of my passion, it came rushing back in a flood of colors and sensations. beautiful, it was. to breathe in once more, to be able to express the compassion i had thought id lost. to finally be free.

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