Friday, January 15, 2010


Once upon a time, is how this story starts,
a quaint little tale that’s sure to touch your hearts.
You see, in a land unlike our own and very far away,
strange creatures were abundant and always out to play.
One of the inhabitants of this magical land,
was a pretty young girl, hair full of curls,
named Susie O’Callaghan.
Now sweet, little Susie was a quiet child,
with nothing but kindness to give,
she is the one who made this small town such a sunny place to live.

However, not all within this land consisted of smiles and laughter,
there is a possibility this story will lack any happily ever after.
You see the leader of this kingdom was a morbid one of sorts,
along with a cruel and frightening group of bestial cohorts.
A powerful fairy, his wisdom and skill outshining all those above,
however he was greatly lacking in the complex field of love.
Until one day, on a whim, he decided to take a walk,
and there she was, all alone, perched atop a rock.

This little girl named curly sue,
was sitting all alone.
When along came the fairy,
right into her view,
and began to lull a song.

'Oh sweet little girl with that sunny smile,
whatever should I do?
It seems my heart’s been stolen away,
the minute I laid eyes on you! '

“Oh charming little creature who's made of magic and love,
I know not of this spell that you are speaking of,
surely you can't have fallen so swiftly over me?
Because to my heart there is a boy who already holds the key.”

These words struck the king, and filled his heart with rage,
and with a wild wave of his magical hand he materialized a cage.
Then he roughly grabbed our gentle, bright-eyed girl,
and tossed her in behind cold bars, a caged angel framed with curls.
She screamed and yelled, frazzled and confused,
the poor, sweet darling hadn’t an idea of what to do.
She kicked, she cried, she fought with all her might,
but her efforts were to no prevail and her heart was ceased in fright.

Lucky for her there was a bird, just flying overhead,
who had witnessed the entire thing and from the scene he fled.
Flew his way all the way back to where he knew was safe and sound,
then lowered his head, closed his wings and dove back to the ground.
There the little one found the boy he knew to be as Sam,
and told him of the fairy king’s evil little plan.

Without hesitation Sam took off to save the day,
his mind ablaze with worry and not a moment to delay.
Back at the castle the king was on his feet, wildly rushing around,
making plans for a large wedding with the new wife he had found.
During all these preparations, though, little curly Sue,
sulked and in her mind could only think that this act the king would rue.

The king had little Sue dolled and made up nice,
covered in jewels and smelling like flowers, honey and spice.
With tears in her eyes, this prisoned angel walked down the aisle,
each step she took weighed her down, feeling like a mile.
When they reached the alter, the king spoke his vows with eloquence and grace,
and when it was Susie’s turn she‘d forgotten what to say.

Rage filled up the king’s eyes and if he’d spoken his words would’ve been rash,
but he never got the chance fore they were startled by a crash.
The door fell down with a resounding sound, slamming to the floor,
and there stood Samuel, tall and brave and several creatures more.
In they went and out swords sprung, a battle instantly ensued,
a vigorous, bloody, and all-around violent feud.

The king ran forth, his sword swung out, and had all aim for Sam,
but Sam was much too quick for him and cut off the King’s right hand.
Outraged and scared the king fell down to his knees,
and the room filled with his loud and begging pleas.
Samuel went to work of freeing his beloved, darling Sue,
and the two of them began to speak of what they should do.

Now it seems we are reaching the ends of this tale,
and wouldn’t you know it, it seems love did prevail.
Before we come to a complete close on this story though,
I’ll tell you what occurred after Samuel and Sue went home.
The king was overthrown, taken to a prisoner’s cell,
it seems he’d overused his power and from his grace he fell.
Soon after the trial and the king’s sentence for life,
Samuel got to one knee and asked Susie to be his wife.
The two were wed, an occasion in which all were there,
and the two lived happily ever after, full of happiness, love, and care.

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