Friday, January 8, 2010


to you, you my moon, my stars, my every light,
how you shine, shine ever so bright; in my life.
my north star guiding me into your arms, once more.
and tonight we lay here staring up at the sky, flying,
oh flying ever so high on the euphoric sensation of love thats you and i.
there will be no love lost and painful goodbyes
because all i see when i look into your eyes is a love that defies.
so much passion it fills me inside,
brimming with a light that shatters the night.
oh fight, fight with passion and might
to save my soul from this condemning onslaught of fright.
my prince, clad in white, armor shining and fighting the antagonistic bite
of this fairytale story thought up for young tikes,
but were no longer young, you and i.
so we dont let those lies clutter our minds.
we accept that in the end theres always goodbyes
but for once in my life i feel this flame wont die.
it will fly and my love will only intensify
and as long as you, my prince, stay by my side
i have no reason to fear this dark, deadly night.
my one and only, an angel sent to my life,
the minute we kissed my world overflowed with light.
sent from the sky to complete my heart, oh my,
and now that i have you ive banished all contrites, and i cry!
screaming towards the heavens with my eyes
that to say i can live without you is a leviathinic lie.
its true, oh true that my life, my soul is nothing but you.

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