Friday, January 8, 2010


what is this? my eyes burned white with brilliance,
as i open my eyes. a new day, a new life,
with you by my everlasting side.
alas, i see now this worlds not all sin,
where dreams die, new hope can begin.
come, take my hand, skin on skin, raw knowledge of flesh
and bestial temptation.
let's fly, ride along this degenerate country side,
then, have talks about philosophical contemplation,
man mades corrupted, under cover, communistic nation,
a life time of humiliation, degradation.
oh this tangled web we weave, they say!
when in that mess we hold the key to our slowly, slipping sanity.
such animosity! look at what the past has done to me,
those wretched, self-absorbed beasts!
i was so lost! nowhere to go but down, falling faster through the quicksand ground,
society chewed me up and spit me out. the numbers just hiking up, an absurd death-toll count.
in my coffin, nailed shut within this mound,
for all i struggled i could make no sound.
then, you came. grasped my wrists and yanked me out,
out of an abyss so profound,
a nightmare of villainous, metaphoric blood hounds.
come now, youre dumbfound? listen all and gather 'round.
my mind is a wasteland of miscreant misplaced wrath,
images of heinous acted blood baths, did you get that?
im the fucked up modern day riff raff,
searching for meaning in alleyways out back.
in the past i fell into this cycle of a violent way to function,
a sick and meticulous cannibalistic self destruction.
my sanity long since had been abducted,
society had sucked me into its never-ending corruption.
but hold on, then, all went quiet, my insides burned in a silent riot.
shooting across the sky like and out of control pilot, a burning, super nova, cosmic object.
cradled in fire, space and my eyes spied it. it crashed into me with such power words defy it.
my mind went numb, this magic amplified it,
then when my eyes ceased to be blinded,
i opened them and took in the scene that surrounded.
hope, smiles and laughter drowned me, i was embraced by happiness that left me confounded
and who brought me all this light? you did.
you took hold of my body and held on tight,
gently sewed on my wings so i may finally fly,
and mercy how i cried, to finally smile and feel warmth inside.
oh, you fallen angel of mine, our love will last to the ends of time.


Her scream broke the silence
Unsettled nature’s nerves,
A scream dripping with confusion ;
Confusion and desperation.
A scream that cried out for help;
And yet no one listened,
her thoughts drifted out of her head,
Soaring far from the ground ,
The ground which she sat ;
And up past the clouds .
They came to rest in the embrace of fire,
Dancing and shining bright with the stars,
Peering down at the world they once knew,
A world of concrete floors and metal cars,
A world of flashing lights and nightmares.
A world in which she wanted to escape,
She wanted so badly to be able to fly away
Fly away along with those thoughts,
To become part of her daydreams,
Part of her fairytale endings,
Where life was full of love and joy,
Full of honesty and devotion,
a world that did not exist,
The deeper she fell into her despair,
The dimmer her star grew,
And with her eyes leaking,
Her finger snapped the trigger and all was silent,
Her star grew dark and cold, until it fell,
A burning object of cold fire,
That pierced the sky like a siren’s call,
So if stars were just our happiest thoughts,
Then we’re all just falling from the heavens, aren’t we.
Just waiting for our own to drop out of the sky.
What a dark night it will be.

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