Friday, June 11, 2010

wait, obey, breathe, eat, suffer, repeat.
where is the sustenance to life? it vanished when they put the shackles around your wrists. the corruption builds in a world of materialistic, power-hungry demons, in a world of lost authoritative icons whose hands are black with sin, in a world where there are no longer morals when it comes to death and we all just hurt to hurt, in a world where another's suffering is someone else's pleasure. we are all sadomasochistic sick fucks, we live in pain we cause ourselves and we thrive off the sweet knowledge of another's misery. where is this america they spoke of in our youth? the land of liberty, life and freedom? it never existed, it was a fucking lie. the world is controlled by the sick greed of mankind, enslaved by the constant need for money and power, the constant struggle to be on top. we are a disgusting and shameful race, humans. so many of our species has lost all true meaning to what it means to be a person. they walk about, like robots, cold, steel robots from an assembly line, lacking all compassion, integrity, strength, courage and the will to believe in magic and love, the will to believe in hope. nowadays humans drown in self-loathe, hatred, anger, sadness, and sin. enslaved by their own corruption. we are nothing more than slaves, created to obey. obey communistic dictation, obey parental demands, obey materialistic cravings, obey greed, lust and gluttony, obey the educational system, obey, obey, obey. we are all slaves to a higher power than ourselves, we can all be broken down by something. we are all born to obey something, i was born to obey love. i was born to obey hope, to obey inspiration and dreams, to obey the compassion within my heart. i refuse to let my anger swallow me, to fall in line with the rest of the unfeeling fucks around me. i will sacrifice to show this world some light, i will stretch my arms to the sky and watch them reach out like branches to the clouds. my mind will expand as i live, as i embrace the aspects of each virtue in life. i will not be another carbon copy of enslavement, i will soar and break free from this indignity and i will open the eyes of other's to a new world, one of magic, belief, and dreams.

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