Wednesday, June 9, 2010

burn wall.
( so basically my friend suggested this, it's shit i've written for people
and who, and yeah. not good shit either.)

try as you might, you all will never break me down. in the end i am my own worst enemy and you're all just sideline drama. - directed to : all the middletown girls i had problems with.

i'm weighed down by the chains of your ignorance. you all need to either grow up and expand or get the fuck out. - directed to : christian grau and megan gonzalez and danny torruelles and others i can't recall completely.

you talk so much, but that's it. there are no actions behind your words, you don't even have the respect for yourself or anyone else to confront anyone. so look in the mirror and know your place bitch, before i put you in it. you're just a carbon copy of me, with more flaws. stop trying to write with my flow, stop trying to act more mature, because in the end i'll always tower over you in every attribute. - directed to : megan gonzalez.

i pity the person you are because there's no strength that lies within you, no compassion or determination, you lack courage, you lack soul, you're just another among the masses that blend in. you let the world turn you cold and you inhale spite and drip with antagonism. you're chained by stupid choices, and i'm watching you sink 'cus i'll no longer help you. - directed to : christian grau.

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