Wednesday, June 9, 2010


white castle burgers, straight hours of eminem and ice cream.

so basically pure insanity has been creeping its way in through the back of my mind, little by little each day. to the point where i could see, hear, taste, and feel myself breaking down; crumbling. so i ran, i ran away to a haven i knew i'd be trapped in so that i wouldn't be pulled back to jersey city just because i missed one person. it's foriegn to me though, these feelings. i feel like i'm being trapped by myself, as in by me. but then again, i feel free. i'm crazy, and i accept that completely. there is no sanity within the world any longer, society does not accept sanity. they do all that they can to push you and push you until you've lost it all, until you join us, join the insane. i can rejoice now, though, that i've finally run away from jersey city and can stay away for a while. stay away from the drama. or at least most of it because unfortunately dramatics is something that follows us all everywhere, somehow. it drives me crazy, how fucking idiotic individuals can be. why don't you all just SHUT THE FUCK UP. GROW THE FUCK UP. GET THE FUCK OUT. stop wasting your fucking life away on stupidity. stop making idiotic choices and actually fucking think. life is short and abrupt, you have no time to waste it. NONE.

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