Sunday, December 13, 2009


and when she screams my imagination runs wild ,
the innocence in her eyes is that of a childs
and the bloodlust that fills my eyes is expressed
through her screaming until it dies
and all that remains after this hellish demise
is a bloodless corpse and a note left aside,
life is but a bitter sweet procrastination
to your inevitable annihilation '

- - -

and as the moon embraced me with its beauty and lit the sky with its light,
and the stars scattered across the night sky like precious jewels,
spread among its black canvas like an admonishing smile,
i was filled with the realization of there still being magic
in this world full of corruption and brutality
and that despite the cruelties of the society in which we so shamefully live in today,
there will always be magic and miracles among us in life's most beautiful and simple of things

- - -

a girl like this comes only once in a blue moon,
that smile that brightens up the world, and transfixes a room,
however, her only problems this,
she wears her heart on her sleeve and fresh cuts on her wrist.

- - -

take my soul and let it sleep,
let it sleep in peace and harmony.
it's a request you've never fulfilled,
and i'm begging you now with my tears,
can i convey to you the corruption i've seen,
can i tolerate this insanity a moment longer.

it's a simple answer, no.

take me away and cradle me,
embrace me with a love i've not experienced,
show me a friendship that has not fallen,
one that is whole, and not shattered.
drown me in a love that has not been stabbed,
with jagged edges of jealousy or hate coming forth from its depths.
drown me in something more than sorrow.
drown me in happiness.

open my eyes to a newer world, one where my hand is never empty.
lead me down a path that turns its eyes away from the pain.
enlighten me, surround me, suffocate me, kill me.
because it's what you've done before.
filling my heads with foolish ideals and foley.
the only way out being a quiet, and endless sleep.

just take me away, take me away from here, please.
dear you, sincerely me.

- - -

id like to tell the world a little secret,
when i give you my heart i expect you to keep it,
as in keep it safe, sound, and away from pain,
and never treat it as a game.
i expect you to love me and hold me tight
and steer us away from petty fights,
i expect a love that could steal my breath
and drain me of passion 'till there's nothing left.
your eyes give me butterflies so strong they bring me to my knees,
and i hear the birds singing perched in the trees,
and so many of these stars blinded my eyes
when you told me how you hate to see me cry.
the moment i saw you i was hypnotized
and i miss you before weve even said goodbye.
i try so hard to make you see
how honest love is supposed to be,
but something tells me youre still guarding your heart
and i feel like it's going to push us apart.
its so hard for me to do anything but frown,
on these morbid days when you let me down,
because youre the boy who can make or break my days,
with something as simple as what you say.
its days like these that give my heart all these cracks,
because i feel like i'm reaching out only to be pushed back.
a sensitive heart that just cries to be loved,
coveted and cherished and thought precious of,
i want to drown in your voice, touch and kiss,
but for you to see me, its like i have to insist,
maybe it's my mind playing a trick on me,
but i don't feel as important as i want to be.
yearning for consideration to my fragile soul,
i want you to love me and never let me go.

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