Tuesday, December 15, 2009

adoration, love, and inevitability.

you have a smile that makes the word weak,
it never fails to bring me to my knees.
and its true, love, that day by day,
youve done nothing less than take my breath away.
and its because of you that my smile is real,
and for once i have no doubt in what i feel,
its been so long since i trusted someone so fast,
ill do whatever it takes to make this last.
because you put the stars back into my night sky,
and in my dreams with im flying so high,
past the clouds, headfirst into eternity,
relishing the euphoria of your love for me,
you bring out the sun when its nothing but rain,
something that no one can do the same,
youve been nothing but magic from the very start,
its amazing all this love youve put in my heart

hello there love, i just needed to say,
that as i was thinking of you, on the cold winters day,
something which i always do,
yes, my thoughts are undeniably you.
i was greeted most abruptly by the moon
and a soft, sad song he began to croon,
and i asked him why he seemed so blue.
and he told me the reason, that reason was you!
well you can believe my surprise at this shocking fact
and hastily i began my act.
i questioned the moon on what crime you pursued
to make the magical rock so blue,
he replied to me with an impish grin
and said your crime was complete perfection.
he went on to say how your eyes outshined
all of his most radient stars combined
and i smiled to myself at the time
and said well, that boy is mine,
and you can wish with all your might
but ill hold on to that boys love so tight,
that even your magic can't steal him away from me,
because in my heart's where hes supposed to be.

and i sit here, my mind reeling with such revelation
that it leaves me breathless, vulnerable and kneeling.
my fingertips and heart numb of all feeling.
hollow, deeper than empty and yet full.
full of an epiphany that ive run away from for far too long.
and i sit, much too weak to stand but not enough to lay down and die,
and here i am watching, observing the corruption which we so shamefully call humanity,
a society in which reality is warped into something far more twisted than whats real,
like a nightmare, one that pulls you down so deep you choke,
unable to feel the suns warmth or even catch a glimpse of the nights stars.
this is it, this is your utter downfall, you.
you are the one responsible for your own demise
a thought so personal that theres a sickening calm to the suicide.
almost as if it were subconciously premeditated, and who knows, perhaps it was.
this is it, what the universe has been secretly washing into our slumbering minds,
what weve so long been trained for, a war on humanity, a war against ourselves.
the ultimate test to our own self control, and it is an inevitability that we will lose
because this is the fate in which we choose.

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