Tuesday, December 15, 2009


my heart is aching, god, so slowly it's breaking,
i'm crushed and trapped and yours for the taking.
youre eyes decieve me, im hardly breathing,
and the words you say don't aid the healing.
my trust you shattered, my thoughts are scattered, my mind so battered,
by such a deception, its out of the question to go a minute without a tear.
i'm crushed down and silently bleeding,
and inside my ears i continue this screaming,
in betrayl, sorrow, rage and fear,
my heart's cracking so loud, everyone can hear.

and oh dear god, how did this happen,
take me out of this cage im trapped in,
humanity has lost all its compassion,
its obvious with all these corrupted actions.
i can't fathom a completely sane reaction,
all i want to do is take her face and bash it.

youve done this to me, broken me down,
left me crying so much the world lost all sound,
you can't even begin to make a comprehension,
of the pain i feel and the bulding tension,
it's like i'm walking down the row to a death sentance,
and what you're doing is looking for repention,
and you would think my heart would yearn for vengeance,
but i'm not something this world invented.

i don't think with a corrupted outlook, perspective,
i wear my heart on my sleeve where it's barely protected.
and this feeling just spreads through me like an infection,
draining me of my breath as you seek redemption.
there must have been some kind of misconception
for you to have followed out with such a deception.

and while the days pass, slowly i'll climb,
to breath again and take a step at a time,
because i refuse to let this world break me,
you can wear me down but you will never take me.

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