Wednesday, November 25, 2009


numb and hollow and rooted to the ground,
i'm trying to scream but i can't make a sound,
i'm scared, terrified to the point that i'm shaking,
it's burning so bad that i'm silently breaking.
why don't you kill me, to this day you've built me,
and god, how you fill me, it burns when you touch me,
but jesus you fucked me! you want a taste, then hurry and cut me.

i've parted the clouds, my mind sick with realization,
my fingers reaching up to somewhere forbidden,
help me, oh god i'm falling so fast,
my sould twisted up and trapped in the past,
instead of saving you, i died with you,
took an oath and lied to you, cried for you,
writhed for you, ached so much inside for you.
honestly i've lost all truth, swallowed up all too soon,
loosing sense in what to do,
swimming through all this devestation
as my mind reels with complications.

shadows move their way into my world full of dreams,
devouring stars and clouds and leaving toxic in their place.
black, writhing tar that i sink so far down into that i can't see any escape.
and where are my angels, the ones who take my hand and chase away my fears
with showers of kisses upon my face? they've fallen.
their wings turned black as the monster drag them down, and i cry.
i cry because i see your face and i'm reaching towards it,
only to remember you've vanished for good as i'm swallowed away.

it's kind of quiet here, inside your heart.
but it's warm and safe, so i think i'll stay a while.
and you can pull back the curtains to let the sun in, but i should remind you
that the sun could never compare to the warmth of your smile as you look at me.
and the cycle repeats itself, you kiss me gently,
and the chills reach from the tips of my toes to the very top of my head,
and i'm burdened by those butterflies all over again.
it's okay, though, because if they're from you, then i welcome each one.
and as i settle in to rest my eyes, nestled in the deepest part of your love,
i replace each star in the sky with your eyes,
so that the world's night sky can be lit by something truly magical.

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