Wednesday, October 28, 2009


before i looked into your eyes my world was dark,
black and writhing with nightmares and tears
but then you blinded me with brilliance,
stunned my eyes in your embrace, burning my skin with your love,
and when you were gone my eyes only saw stars,
a vast expanse of magic, reminding me of who you are,
burning with brilliance and eternally mine,
a beautiful, bright scar, through my dark and twisted mind.

- - - - - - - -

her eyes plead and her body shakes,
she's yearning and screaming for one last taste,
monsters are grabbing and dragging her down,
for one last touch she is willing to drown,
you wretched, unworthy filth of a whore,
you lay on your back, crying for more,
how do you feel as you lay in their bed,
eyes glazed over, legs fully spread,
i'd love to know how you feel, you bitch,
once the both of you have settled your itch,
do you cry at night with thoughts of this?
how you've sold your soul for tasteless bliss,

and when people stare and whisper of you,
it's not of who you are, but of what you do.

that you'll never amount to anything, whore,
you're just as useless as the dirt on the floor,
you must have the ugliest, bruised up knees,
because everyone knows how you like to please,
it doesn't matter how much you choke,
you'll swallow it down like a bottle of coke,
just lay back down and open your legs,
and as he's pounding you, do nothing but beg,

then bitch when he leaves, once he puts on his coat,
i hope to fucking god that you slit your throat.

- - - - - - - -

count your blessings bitch,
cus you're running out of time,
if you can't handle shit,
then you shouldn't do the crime,
i'm gonna tell you this once, and only once this time,
watch your fucking back cus you aren't worth a dime,
i've told you time and time again, this was your last chance,
so now i'm gonna laugh while i watch you fucking dance,
shut the fuck up cus everything out your mouth is a lie,
im gonna take a gun to your head and smile while i say goodbye,

youre crying to me that loosing love hurts so bad,
tell me you fuck, how can you loose something we never had.

i'll spit in your face while you beg this to end,
and then i'll let you in on how i fucked your best friend.

i'll put the gun in your mouth, pull the trigger back and smile,
and when the blast goes off, your soul will sink down for miles,
and i'll laugh because the best thing about you being dead,
is that six feet under the ground you can't ever bullshit me again.

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