Sunday, November 8, 2009


floating through the stars, my head empty of all oxygen and living on nothing but passion as i soar through the universe, eyes shut tight, thoughts wide open. i open my eyes and i realize the feeling is just me, held in his loving embrace. you've given me the universe, and i've given you my heart. we've been heels over head in love from the start.

open your chest wide, with my love, i'll fill it to the brim.
just hold my hand, i can take you somewhere you've never imagined.
i am hoping that tonight will be the night,
where a shooting star shoots my way to grant my deepest wish.

your smile happens to make the sun jealous,
that the stars can't ever compare to your eyes,
and that your voice is like the sweetest song,
that when you kiss me, or your hand holds mine,
i completely melt, only to resurface, then melt all
over again because of how amazing it feels to hear
you call me beautiful, that youve got me under a spell
i just happen to be unable to shake off, not that i want to.

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