Monday, April 12, 2010

yo, lil' red riding hood thought she was so brave, roaming through the mean streets of LA, bags of coke in her basket. a homicidal maniacs wet dream, lil' girl was askin'. along comes wolfy all hyped up on acid, bitch was trippin' on some other shit, a bizarre twist on this classic. strung out, wolfy was tweakin' and for little girl flesh that boy was feenin'.around the corner came lil' red hood, yeah you guessed it, our wolfy grabbed her and that bitch was done for good. she screamed and pleaded but to no prevail, defeated, she accepted her fate and began to see it, "oh wolfy, what big eyes you got there," "what big eyes," she repeated and he snapped his jaws closed and nodded in agreement. "im rollin' on that good shit, addicted, you feel me? drugs are what i gotta have, they're so good, they heal me." a devilish glint lit up her eyes, and little red told wolfy she got him a surprise, she retrieved her basket, her motions too quick for him to catch, and when she opened that shit she showed him the batch. bags upon bags of an endless white, powdery stash, and she agreed to let him have it all for her life, fuck cash. wolfy, eyes bugged out, mouth open, hastily agreed and began to snort that coke in. line after line he inhaled the substance, but things then went wrong, he fucked up, oh shit. he felt his body begin to shake, his blood pumping while his heartbeat raced. too much, too much shit all at once and now poor wolfy, that kid was dust. his eyes rolled back while his body OD'ed and there little red was, saying, "you little shit, next time don't fuck with me."

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