Tuesday, April 13, 2010


if only there were enough letters, words and time in the world, then maybe i could tell you my whole story, but i doubt that the human attention span can endure that much. i'll shed some light on you all though. my name, in its entirity, is Destiny Mariah Isabella Frometa, and it's going to stay that way. i am eighteen years old, i'll be ninteen january twenty fourth of the year 2011. i was born and raised a jersey girl, jersey city precisely, but i'm not your average, run-of-the-mill, i'll-fuck-you-up-if-you-so-much-as-look-at-me-the-wrong-way, jersey city girl. i have depth to my character, i think with the mind i know i have and not only with my fists. don't doubt me though, i've been in countless fights and i can handle myself effortlessly, i just happen to be smart about shit first. i'm bipolar, my moods are constant ups and downs, and i can admit i'm a very complicated girl to deal with. i often feel very alone, and i do happen to have manic lows and not casually, but i try my hardest to push past that. i love being optimistic about things, i try my best to be positive, because not only does it affect me but others as well. i'm very impulsive, i tend to go with the flow and just try my best to keep people happy, i love to have fun, what can i say? haha, i love living life with my friends by my side and a smile on my face, as rough as things may get, i come out strong. each experience we go through, any obstacle overcome, that's something that makes you stronger. no one can bring you down but yourself, your greatest enemy in this world will always be you. never let words of others hit you negatively, because in truth, the only reason people judge others without reason is because they are insecure about themselves or jealous of an attribute you have. i can talk for hours about society, my beliefs and thoughts and just the world in general. i smoke newport 100s, and yes i am aware it's a disgusting habit, but it's my choice. i have an odd taste in music. i'm an asshole to the full extent of the word. i love all forms of art, and the completely bizarre. ive been called many things, from insane to eccentric. i have strange habits and abnormal hobbies. i have those small quirks that make me who i am. i'll admit that i can be like the rest of them, the youthful trash of america, seemingly corrupted by society. i'll admit not all the choices i make in my life will be the right one, i'll mess a lot up, and i'll make many mistakes, but it's my job to get back up when i fall and learn from my encounters. i'm so much more than what you see. i have depth, i have compassion, and i have a mind that yearns to grow and explore. i have hopes and i have dreams, i have determination and i have strength. i am so much more than just another lost cause.

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