Saturday, May 1, 2010

i wrote this for someone, recently. unfortunately, i'm a tad rusty,
since i haven't been writing in quite some time,
but this person, well, they brought back that urge to do so,
let's just say, i was inspired. very much inspired.
and to that person, i have this to say,
and hopefully you'll remember the random conversation we had that pretains to the following (:
- i looked it up, the sun does rise in the east and set in the west.
i know you're scared, 'cus i'm scared too,
but i'm willing to risk it all, all for you.
the sun will rise in the east and set in the west,
but this feeling in my heart ceases to rest.
that is, until you're by my side again,
and not for just this moment, but until forever's end.
with eyes so intense they captivate my being,
god, that smile of yours leaves my head reeling,
this feeling, i'm keeping, there's no chance that i'm leaving,
in your arms, i'm dreaming, for that kiss, i'm feening.
a faraway glance leaves me breathless,
this climbing tension fails to rest,
you're worth it all, storm clouds and thunder,
any ocean, there's no doubt i'd drown under,
i won't hesitate to walk through fire, ice, and glass,
to sacrfice something, there's no need to ask,
i would risk it all, whatever i'd have to do,
as long as it was for you, just and only you.
- destiny isabella f.

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