Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SCHOOOOOOL, ain't so cooool.
MOOD: tired.
DATE: september 15, 2009
LISTENING TO: foster's home for imaginary friends.


don't ask, my pops calls people chickadees sometimes and it popped into my mind, go figure. anyways, so yeah, i started school the second of septemeber and let me tell you, it's been DISASTER ever since. i swear it's like the school was made to fuck us all over. you know we gotta wear uniforms now? yeah, even for FUCKING GYM. what bullshit is that? no skirts, has to be skorts, and they have to be to your knees. i guess that's so the sluts blowing the teachers for better grades dont walk around with red marks on their knees showing. MUST WEAR A GREY SHIRT WITH NOTHING ON IT FOR GYM. you know how many times they've said this? it's like burned into my fucking memory. pants must not be skinny, but can be straight legged, no boots, boys shirts must be tucked in and a normal belt must be worn. the principal even made announcements throughout the fucking day, IN EACH FUCKING PERIOD, to have the boys stand up and make sure their shirts were tucked in. like anyone listened to that shitttttt. high school has become a fucking nazi camp, i swear theyre one step away from telling us how we are allowed to wear our hair and the mandatory length it must be, it seems that way anywhoos.

my teacher was rambling about evil and she said that an evil person is bent on taking the happiness from others. i said, then isn't our principal evil, because he sure as hell is determined to make this place pretty unhappy. people laughed, my teacher looked nervous, as if there was like a tiny microcamera in the classroom displaying what was going on in another room. maybe there was, i wouldn't be surprised. or maybe she just naturally has a nervous look. and my gym teacher, oh dear lord. i think he was once an aspiring drill sergant who just wasn't good enough. he's this loud, bald guy who makes us run two laps each day and goes on and on about if you can't run two damn laps, i gotta spend more physical training with you! and i already have a lotttt of physical training planned for you! with like this sick smile, he creeps me out, i mean it. everyone says we should all be scared of him, i believe them. i go to a nazi camp school with drill sergant gym teachers and cardboard cafeteria food, sure am livin' the sweet lifeeeee, yah know? yeah, no. and some of the kids in my class are so fucking stupid i want to stand up and walk out of the room.

i want summer back already -____________- summer vacation anyways (: haha.

i'll chat to you fools a little later.

signing off :
destiny m. isabella f.

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